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 How can I overcome my stage fear?

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How can I overcome my stage fear? Empty
PostSubject: How can I overcome my stage fear?   How can I overcome my stage fear? Icon_minitimeThu May 02, 2013 5:55 pm

You feel its fear but I would like to suggest that have gutts and just take initiative. For once in a life time your heart beat will increase and legs will shake, voice will fumble but' but have to do it. Don't bother what people will say, just domit for yourself. And I tell you these are not just words I have done it on myself during my college time.

I tell you the story: There was a song competetion in my college and lot of student were participating. I also registered my name. After that there was an audition. Lot of my classmates sang well and when my turn came I thought I am not as good as my friend. So Idecided to quit. But sitting on chair I thought "Bakre ki maa kab tak kher maneyige". I concentrated my energy and waled on the stage for singing. I started and finished. During my singing I don't what happened but when I was coming back to my seat lot of students clapped and suggested few things like you were too fast, microphone was too near to my mouth, good effort, you have the guts to go on stage etc.. I knew I didn't sang good but took the positive feedback and my fear was gone. Its not me and you everybody fears stage. So a person who tries gets and appreciation.

Learnt from those feedback I started addressing small people of group in my job and then presentations etc..

I would like to suggest that just go and speak forget about everything

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How can I overcome my stage fear? Empty
PostSubject: Re: How can I overcome my stage fear?   How can I overcome my stage fear? Icon_minitimeSun Jun 09, 2013 10:01 pm

Twisted Evil Every Person has a fear in his life. if we does not feel it then we can't prepare for it. It is a natural process to get success in our have a stage fear then what every presenter has a fear. he feel fear of stage when he come on the stage. but don't worry you can overcome your stage fear by training you body and your mind. first feel relax when you are going to performance. you can visualize you success in your mind. get more and more practice before going on the stage.always think positively. always see your success. you will be overcome from your stage performance Smile
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How can I overcome my stage fear?
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